It was possible to transform hydrogen into metal


Some scientists, after numerous attempts, have finally been able to turn hydrogen into metal, it remains to be seen now, whether the material is stable at normal temperatures.
Two scientists at Harvard University have finally succeeded in turning hydrogen into metal, a discovery that could revolutionize the world.

About 100 years ago, scientists around the world tried tirelessly to turn hydrogen into metal, but it was Isaac Silvera and Harvard’s Ranga Dias who managed to achieve such a feat, thereby obtaining a small amount of what is probably the material Most rare and valuable planet on earth and scientists call it the “Holy Grail of high-pressure physics”.

The metal obtained from hydrogen can revolutionize the technology by enabling the creation of super-fast computers, high-speed trains or ultra-efficient cars. It can even allow you to explore the universe like never before.

“This is the first sample of hydrogen metal on Earth. When you look at this you’re looking at something that has never existed before”, the scientists explained to The Independent.

For now, the small piece of metal can only be seen through two diamonds used to “crush” the hydrogen liquid to a temperature below freezing. Their “smallness” is not a problem, but there is a risk: to see if the metal is stable under pressure and at normal temperatures.

So far, the amount of pressure required for transformation is giant, that is, more than the one found in the center of the Earth and scientists ambition to lower it.

If the pressure is removed, it remains metal, similar to the way diamonds form from graphite under intense heat and pressure, but diamonds remain when heat and pressure are removed.
In addition, a large amount of energy is required to produce metal from hydrogen. However, only 15% of the energy is lost during the transformation. “So, if you could create wires from this material and use them in the electricity grid, that could change the story”, Silvera said.