It is possible that the Tasmanian tiger is not extinct


The Tasmanian tiger is an animal that was thought extinct more than 80 years ago. A specimen of this species will have been sighted by several people in Queensland, Australia.
It seems that the Tasmanian tiger, an animal thought to be extinct, may at last still exist. Some people have reported seeing an animal of this species in Queensland, Australia. These reports prompted the search for clues from a group of Australian scientists, according to a publication in The Guardian.

Bill Laurance, a professor at James Cook University and also a senior investigator, admitted that he had spoken to two witnesses who provided him with plausible descriptions and accounts of the sighting of this animal that had been considered extinct since 1936. One of the witnesses was one of the Natural Parks of Queensland and the other was a camper who was on site. Both claimed to have spotted a Tasmanian tiger at night near the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland state.

“In one case, the animals were observed at a short distance – at a distance of about six meters – with a flashlight”, said Laurance, noting that although this finding has generated controversy, the case is being treated with the greatest of the discourses.

The testimonies and details of these reports that were given to investigators about animal sightings, such as eye color, size, behavior, body shape and other attributes, caught the attention and awakened the hope of that species to come to be rediscovered. During the next month of April, and as part of the research, researchers carry out the installation of more than 50 cameras, near the place where the animal was sighted, to see if it really exists or if it is no more than a myth, According to The Telegraph.

Sandra Abell, also a researcher at James Cook University who is conducting the study directly on the ground, said that even if they are not successful, the research will not be in vain and could contribute to further research.

“There is little likelihood we will be able to find thylacine (scientific name given to the Tasmanian tiger), but we will certainly be able to obtain positive data about the various predators that are in the area and that may help our studies in general”, Abell explained.

This species, the Tasmanian tiger, also known as Tasmanian wolf, belongs to the species Thylacinus cynocephalus and comes from Australia and New Guinea. It appeared about four million years ago and it is believed that the last creature of the species will have died in the year 1936 at the zoo Hobart in Tasmania.

So far, several testimonials have been reported from people claiming to have spotted the animal, however, had never been given importance to these reports. However, this time, the new investigation may give shape to the suspicions already described.