There are people building powerwalls with old batteries


Relying on old batteries for laptops and other electronic gadgets, some people have been developing their versions of Powerwall’s. Since Tesla last year introduced the home battery known as Tesla Powerwall, the ability to keep a home out of the grid or to have at least give one efficient alternative in the case pf power failure has a clear lead, but the $ 5500 cost of it, makes that a great part of the consumers do not have the financial conditions for the acquisition of one.

It turns out that some e-savvy enthusiasts have decided that while they may not have the financial means to get Tesla’s battery home, they could develop their own versions for a fraction of the price and with the same power storage capacity.

These enthusiasts resorted to the use of old recycled batteries from laptops, which were at the end of life for the function they were created, but still had a word to say, and this was, the union makes the force, and thus, by coupling multiple batteries, they have managed to create a battery with a fairly respectable capacity.

When we searched the Internet, we were able to find a number of YouTube videos and people’s tutorials building their own powerwall’s. The type of battery most used for this purpose are 18650 lithium-ion batteries, characterized by being covered by colored plastic, that can be found in laptop batteries, for example.

But the fact that it’s a lot cheaper, is not the only incentive that leads to the preference for these homemade versions of Powerwall, by creating them using old batteries of laptops, we are also protecting the environment by recycling.

It is extremely important to take into account that in order to develop a device such as this, professional material and extensive knowledge of electricity are necessary in order to maintain safety, and we are not in any way encouraging the common user to create a Powerwall, do so, but at your own risk.