Patch that dissolves excessive fat


What we all want to read and hear, a dressing that dissolves fat in the area where it is applied. It really looks like one of those misleading ads to captivate unsuspecting customers, but believe me, thanks to a new research, this is now a reality!

The patch involves the use of micro-needles to penetrate the skin and thus introduce microparticles of medicaments into the body, and although they have yet to be tested in humans, in the tests performed on our faithful laboratory mice, it has been possible to achieve in some cases a reduction of 20 percent of the fat in the areas where they were applied.

There are two types of fat, brown fat, often referred to as good fat, and white fat, the one that haunts us daily. The first is the same as the newborns have in excess, and allows them to regulate their body temperature, while the second, present mostly in adults, is the so hated one that leaves us looking out of shape, and is generally used for long-term energy deposits, and is quite difficult to make disappear.

There have been several studies on what would be the best method to convert the hated white fat into brown fat. There have already been a number of successful studies, but most depended on pills or injections that led to stomach problems, weight gain or fewer bone fractures. Yet this new method, using this special patch, attacks the problem directly at its core, which means that there are no side effects, at least known.

In the experiment performed on obese laboratory rats, the patches were applied every three days for a period of four weeks, with two patches being applied to each rat, one with the treatment, and another placebo. When comparing the two sides where the patches were applied, the drug side had a fat reduction of about 20 percent.

We will have to wait anxiously to see what the possible result is in humans.