One-third of asthmatics may not even have asthma


One study revealed that about one-third of asthmatics may not have asthma, either because they have improved or because they have been misdiagnosed.

This study reveals that a third of asthmatics may not suffer from this condition, either because they have improved or because the diagnosis was made in the wrong way, says The Telegraph. This research involved the participation of 700 adult volunteers who were diagnosed with asthma in the last 5 years, and it was concluded that 33% of these subjects did not really suffer from this condition, 9 out of 10 were actually able to stop taking the medicines, some only suffered from allergies or heartburn and 28% of volunteers did not have any health problems.

“It is impossible to say how many patients were initially diagnosed with asthma and how many do they no longer suffer from any symptoms of the disease”, said Professor Shawn Aaron, who is responsible for this study, a scientist and physician at the Hospital and the University of Ottawa, Canada. “What we do know is that they were able to stop taking medication they did not need. The drugs are very expensive and can have side effects”, added Aaron.

Still, the side effects of over-taking asthma-fighting drugs may be worrying, ranging from muscle cramps, throat infections, tremors, nausea and vomiting, according to the study. In addition to these symptoms, it may also lead to weight gain because asthmatics have a natural tendency to avoid physical exercise. It should also be noted that errors and failures in diagnostics are due in large part to the lack of examinations, analyzes and tests requested by physicians. Instead, in about half of the cases, the clinical picture is based only on a rapid observation of the patients through their symptoms and complaints.

“Doctors do not diagnose diabetes without checking blood sugar levels, nor do they see if someone has a broken bone without having an x-ray. But for some reason, many doctors do not do spirometry tests, which are the ones that really prove that you have asthma”, said Shawn Aaron. For this reason, the researchers consider that the data of this research can be seen as an alert for all the patients who have been diagnosed with asthma, in order to remind them that tests should be done, however, they recommend that asthmatics do not stop Take the appropriate medication without first consulting a specialist.