One piece of the Space Station was lost during orbital exit


Throughout a space travel, the team of astronauts led by Peggy Whitson, lost a part of the thermal coating to the International Space Station. This information was released by the US space agency NASA, which quickly denied the scenario of risk of collision of this piece with the station.

It was Peggy Whitson, the US-based expert on this mission, who conducted the spacewalk with Shane Kimbrough, immediately reported the incident to the mission’s control team, who followed the trajectory of the mission as it moved away from the station.

The NASA agency has stated in publications on its official website that there is no risk of the station being hit by the play. Via social network Twitter, the happened also was communicated by the agency, which, once again, ensured that the problem was solved.

This thermal sheath protects the International Space Station from micrometeorite debris, the missing piece being one of four that were being mounted on an anchor door that was transferred Sunday by a robot to another location.

It was the spokesman for the US space agency, Dan Huot, who revealed that the remaining three pieces were installed to cover the most vulnerable spots.

In fact, these situations are very common, astronauts often lose some objects during space travel, however, they are usually smaller, such as bolts.

Although the misfortune she had this past Thursday, Peggy Whitson, 57, is considered an expelled astronaut. This is because it is the woman with the largest number of space walks, precisely eight in total, and the third in the total list.

Whitson traveled through space for about six and a half hours around the International Space Station (ISS), this being his eighth outing in total and the second in a series of three exits scheduled for this month.