The oldest crocodile eggs found in the world


Scientists at the Lourinhã Museum in Portugal have found crocodile eggs, in fact, the oldest in the world. These were in the same place where also in the 90’s, some dinosaur eggs were discovered.

These eggs were discovered in Lourinhã, more precisely shell fragments and some complete crocodile eggs, the oldest in the world, the Lusa news agency reported Wednesday. According to John Russo, one of the authors of the study on the findings, the eggs would belong to crocodiles that lived during the Upper Jurassic and are the “grandparents” of the current crocodiles we know of.

These eggs were found in the year 2012, on the beach of Paimogo, in the same place where in the 90’s, some dinosaur eggs were found about seven centimeters. The researchers, belonging to the Museum of Lourinhã, published details of the study in Plos One.

By performing a microscopic analysis, which was done a year later in 2013, made it possible for scientists to confirm that “the structure of the egg shell was completely different from that of dinosaur eggs and very similar to eggs of Crocodile both fossil and current.” “And they concluded that the evolution in 150 million years (of crocodile eggs) was very little and the eggs practically remain unchanged”.

The oldest eggs, which had been discovered so far, were found in Texas and were dated about 140 million years ago, (Lower Cretaceous).
These crocodile eggs are now on display at the Lourinhã Museum, known as the “Capital of the Dinosaurs”. In the year 1993, there were found the largest and oldest nests containing dinosaur embryos, known up to that time. This “is another testimony that Lourinhã is extremely rich in terms of fossils of the Upper Jurassic and is a reference worldwide”, said the researcher to the Lusa agency.