There is a new way of destroying cancer cells


A new step has been taken to combat cancer cells, which can help fighting cancer. The method, known as Caspase-independent cell death (CICD), is able to eradicate colorectal cancer cells created in the laboratory.

If this results can be reproduced in humans, we may be facing a revolutionary new treatment for cancer, with the capacity to destroy the cancer, and at the same time reduce the adverse effects on the patient being treated and also reduce the risk of the cancer coming back, as quoted by the University of Glasglow in the United Kingdom.

The effect of this system is not only the reduction of the toxicity of cancer treatment, as eventually eradicating it definitively, unlike chemotherapy where the cells also die, but eventually does not reach all affected cells, increasing the risk of cancer returning to affect the patient, and in addition, often this treatment also affects and damages healthy cells.

When the cells are targeted through this new method, they send a signal to the immune system, informing it that it must attack the remaining cancer cells, being more efficient, a lot safer, that once again, if it is possible to reproduce the results that were achieved in the laboratory.

One of the biggest differences between this type of treatment, and the common ones, is that is not only the treatment destroying cells, but also the Immune System itself that proceeds to obtain identifications efficiently, contrary to what normally is normally due to the camouflage capacity of the cells of this type and although the present study has maintained the focus on the cancer in its coloretal form, apparently and with some small adaptations, this treatment will be able to fight against other types of cancer, something that will be analyzed in new studies.

So, now there is a way not only better and safer to kill cancer cells, but also much more efficient and definitive, in its primary goal, which is to prevent the return of cancer.