The new solar paint that can power your home with clean energy


The use of clean energy, is becoming more and more part of our daily life, so there is a response, a growing supply of new technologies and new creative trends.

That said, one of the latest innovations comes from Australia, it is nothing more than an ink that guarantees clean energy even more attractive.

It was a team of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology that developed an ink capable of generating clean energy. This ink combines titanium oxide (existing already in common paints) as well as a new compound, the synthetic molybdenum sulfide. Being that, it acts like the silica gel, whose function is to absorb the humidity.

According to the RMIT report, this material absorbs solar energy as well as air humidity, thus acting as a semiconductor, catalyzing the division of water atoms into oxygen and hydrogen, collecting hydrogen for fuel cells or for energy to a vehicle.

“Adding new material can convert a brick wall into an energy supplier and fuel producer”, said lead researcher Torben Daeneke.

Although this paint is not expected to be marketed in the next 5 years, this will be a technology with a very low cost of production. This technology will also be effective in many climates, from humid to hot and dry. “Any place that has water vapor in the air, even remote areas away from the water, can produce fuel”, Daeneke added.

This solution is best suited to cover areas that do not have sufficient sunlight to justify the placement of solar panels, thus maximizing a property’s ability to generate clean energy. Any surface can be painted, thus allowing a fence, a gate, a porch, or any other place to produce energy.

These are the elements that the future is considering to fuel our homes and companies in energy terms, productive wealth is in sight and there are many options, only to combine these technologies and take advantage of the wealth of sources to the maximum.