New pill as an alternative to probiotics


Probiotics, probably the most important supplement of the last 20 years, have the function of helping the trillions of bacteria that inhabit our guts. In recent years probiotics have gained a significant share of the drug market, with a prospect over the next five years of about $ 57 billion.

The basis of this type of supplementation is quite simple, and is aimed at promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, while preventing the development of harmful bacteria in order to improve the digestion process, reduce the risks of certain diseases and increase the ability of response of the immune system.

But in spite of the simplicity of the idea, this has proved to be a more elaborate challenge than previously thought by scientists, and the results of the probiotics so far have been completely inconclusive, helping in some cases, and in other and the most cases, have no effect.

Although the creators of these supplements claim that they help in the most diverse areas, the truth is that although they contain countless beneficial bacteria, only a small percentage of these come to their destination. And if these beneficial bacteria should replace the harmful bacteria to make us feel better, the goal is by no means being met because of the extremely low numbers of bacteria that it reaches and fulfills its destiny.

Because they are in a far smaller number, they become impotent in their mission to replace the harmful bacteria, since they cannot simply request that they leave their habitat so that the new outnumbered inhabitants can settle.

Scientists have lately bet on a new type of supplement, called symbiotics that combines in one, pre and probiotics and if probiotics are bacteria, prebiotics are a type of sugar created to bacteria in your gut.

So far, all symbiotic studies have shown extremely positive and promising results, and although more in-depth studies are needed on the link between their consumption and the risk reduction of certain diseases, it appears that this may be the alternative that was sought.