New drug may replace contraceptive daily pill


Researchers at the University of California have recently developed a drug that may replace the daily pill used for contraception. This is herbal-based compound, prevents, like the current pill, fertilization, but has far fewer side effects.

This research reveals and proves that science is once again targeting natural medicine with this new, single-shot, herbal contraceptive that will also enable women to plan and plan their pregnancy. Instead of taking the daily pill as usual, to avoid pregnancy, it is enough to take a single shot (before or after intercourse). This new drug replaces the common pill that is being taken for only contraceptive issues.

This pill also integrates compounds of dandelion and ayahuasca plants (a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine) and prevents the fertilization of the egg and not its implantation as it happens with the “morning-after pill”.

Polina Lishko, is one of the authors of this study, explained to the Spanish newspaper ABC that the contraceptive could be marketed in a period of two years and become an alternative to traditional hormonal contraceptives.

“[Contraceptive] It has not yet been tested in humans, but the two plants have been used for centuries in traditional medicines and we know they are safe. We are very optimistic that there will be little toxic and minimal side effects, “added Polina Lishko.

Both plants block sperm penetration into the egg’s plasma membrane, one of the essential steps in fertilization. The researchers do not put aside the hypothesis that the use of this contraceptive could be unisex. According to tests done in vitro, it would not be toxic to either man or woman’s eggs. The drug could still be taken orally, by placing an adhesive on the skin or through a vaginal ring.

The researcher added that “this could be a new generation of emergency contraceptives,” known as “molecular preservatives”.