A low-calorie diet can reverse Type 2 Diabetes


A new study demonstrates how a low-calorie diet can not only improve the severity of type 2 diabetes, but also reverse it entirely in animals. If this interesting discovery can be reproduced in humans, we may be facing an incredible revolution in the way type 2 diabetes is treated.

The link between eating habits and type 2 diabetes has long been known, as this type of diabetes manifests itself when the body is no longer able to manage blood glucose levels.

The team responsible for the study limited the dietary calorie level of the rats with diabetes used in the study and found that there was a rapid drop in blood glucose levels and were able to detect some details as to why this happened.

The strict diet has influenced three distinct mechanisms of the liver, the conversion of lactate acids and amino acids to glucose, the conversion of glycogen to glucose, and the decrease in fat content, and because of their influence there was an improvement in the liver response to insulin.

This response is extremely important, because due to the body’s low ability to produce insulin, or because the body becomes resistant to it, blood sugar levels rise so much that Type 2 diabetes manifests itself.

The most incredible part of this discovery is that not only are three mechanisms affected, but also the results have emerged after only 3 days of starting the low carb diet, and there was no change in the weight of rats.

What is important now is whether the diet will have similar effects on humans, at which time the disease could even be considered as eradicated, making this an extremely important discovery.