The largest wind farm in Europe


Power Link, this is the name given to the artificial island that will house the largest wind farm in Europe. This island is located in the North Sea, is about six square kilometers (the equivalent of 48 football fields) and will be used by one of the companies that leads the energy sector in Denmark. All this with the aim of supplying electricity to 80 million European consumers, thus published on ABC.

This energy spread will be realized through the installation of thousands of wind turbines around the island, these turbines that will function as a distribution center. According to initial estimates, it is expected to be operational from 2030.

“It may seem crazy or even science fiction”, said Torben Glar Nielsen, technical director of, one of the companies involved, along with the German and Dutch subsidiaries Tennet T, which is behind the project.

The Power Link will be built on a sandbar named Dogger Bank, located in an area of high winds and shallow waters, strategically located between Great Britain, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Norway and Denmark. This will have around 200 million cubic meters of sand and the investment will be around 1,500 million euros.

In this project already nicknamed “Sillicon Valley of the North Sea” by the Danish energy minister, wind turbines extend to the middle of the sea and can be connected to the island without the use of very long cables. These cables will, in turn, act as transmitters between the energy markets of different countries and, consequently, will allow the purchase and sale of electricity between them.

In addition, the artificial island will also have an airport area, which will be used to transport, store and maintain the necessary components, as well as personnel and equipment, in order to perform the tasks effectively.

Power Link is already seen as an innovative challenge to achieve a future free of fossil fuels, which is only possible with the cooperation and synergy between several companies to achieve the exploitation of the natural resources of each country involved.