ISIS just destroyed two of Syria’s most historic monuments


This week, the Russian Ministry of Defense released a drone footage which shows at closer sight the destruction the ISIS terrorists left at the historic Syrian city, Palmira, one of the markers of the Roman culture in the Middle East.

This was one of the most vicious war crimes to archaeology and culture ever, the city’s famous amphitheater, lies now in ruins, and so as grand part of the Tetrapylon, the unique and iconic 16 columns monument, which is dated to more than 1700 years ago.

As you will see beneath on the drone footage, the contrast images show the shocking before and after of the ancient city. This was after the second takeover of the city by the ISIS militants, since in May 2015 they had already taken over the city for about 12 months, and during that time they deliberately destroyed multiple ancient monuments of the city.

The city was later retaken by the efforts of the Syrian and Russian forces, but by the end of the last year, was back at the hands of the rebels.

Just to have a better notion of how big and important these monuments were, watch the photo bellow taken by May 2016, with the Mariinsky Orchestra, one of Russia’s oldest orchestra’s playing at the Palmira amphitheater.

The devastation at the ancient city is colossal as you can see on the footage, besides being a huge war crime, it is also a giant loss for the culture and the humanity.