Innovative surgery to treat spinal tumors


It was in Portugal that a team of surgeons conducted this week, the first surgery (minimally invasive) to treat a tumor of the spine. This procedure was performed in Lisbon and the patient is, for the moment, without any pain.

This is the first time that a minimally invasive surgery to treat a spinal tumor is performed in Portugal, mainly with “very positive” results. This week, the Lusíadas Hospital in Lisbon, where the operation was carried out, reported the news. The treatment is innovative and has used radiofrequency ablation equipment that had never been used in Portugal. This equipment, specifically the treatment in question, guarantees more safety for both the patient and the medical team, as well as being much more effective and precise in the removal of the area affected by the tumor.

This procedure promises to be one of the great advances and an important therapeutic weapon in the treatment of spinal tumors in the coming years. The ablation procedure involves the removal or destruction of affected tissue and the use of localized bipolar radiofrequency, thereby “destroying tumor cells, relieving pain and improving the quality of life of patients”, the doctor explained.

This procedure may even make all the difference, since bone metastases are the tumors that most affect the spine. In Portugal, there are around 25 thousand new cases per year.

Dr. Vítor Gonçalves explains that these metastases give rise to “intense pain” and are characterized by “a progressive aggravation”. About the patient who underwent this surgery, the surgeon ensures that the pain level, from 0 to 10, went from a 9 or 10 before the surgery to an absence of pain altogether after the procedure.

This innovative procedure is, as of today, the only one that offers greater precision and flexibility, since “it is personalized to each patient”. This is a device that uses refrigerated probes “which prevent overheating of the surrounding tissues during the procedure”.