Great News: US to go back to the Moon


As early as next year we could be seeing the landing of Moon Express’s Spacecraft in the moon. All of this, because the US Federal Government just gave approval for the first time to a private company to land on the Moon. The company was founded by the billionaire Entrepreneur Naveen Jain, Computer Scientist Barney Pell, and Space Futurist Bob Richards, and will be the forth entity to land a Spacecraft on the Moon, after the US, Chinese, and USSR federal space agencies did so.

The Moon Express company will check if there’s money to be made in the Moon and will for sure going to mine it. The regulation of this mission was very tricky since it’s the first time something like this was permitted, they didn’t even create a regulatory framework so for now this regulation is a one case and one time only.

The approval process was so unique and complicated that Moon Express was granted permission to mine and profit from Moon minerals way before they had permission to actually go there. In order for them to get the approval, which as of now is granted, they had to guarantee that they will be transparent with the government about all the steps of the mission, and that they won’t interfere with any existing artifacts or missions in space.

So here we go to Space Exploration 2.0, what an exciting time to live in!