The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is disappearing


A new scientific evaluation has been carried out which has just proved that the Great Australian Barrier Reef is undoubtedly disappearing. At least two-thirds of the coral reef, unique in the world, have already disappeared.

This new study, carried out by a group of scientists, has shown what was feared, that the great Australian coral reef is extinguishing at an unprecedented rate. At least two-thirds of this reserve, unique in the world, have disappeared forever, in a scarce period of time.

This coral reef, unique in the planet, considered one of the seven natural wonders of humanity, is about to disappear, at least the color that so much characterizes this unique space on the planet, has already changed visibly. According to the BBC, about 1,500 kilometers of the great barrier has been lost forever and it is now feared that present and future climate change will further damage the long lane.

This change in the color of the reef, due to the bleaching of the corals, happens when they, under pressure, (caused by the heating of the water) expel the zooxanthellae algae (responsible for the pigmentation of the corals). In an interview with the BBC, Professor Terry Hughes of James Cook Univesity called on governments to urgently resolve this situation

“Since 1998 we have seen four such situations, with the distance between them varying substantially, but this is the shorter difference we have already seen”, he said.

Still, there is still hope, according to the results of the new assessment, the situation is serious, but it may be recoverable. However, this recovery may take decades.

However, if nothing is done to change or slow down this destruction, the situation may even be irreversible.

This extensive range of corals can be seen from space and is the largest structure in the world made solely by living organisms. A 2009 National Geographic documentary recorded the Great Barrier Reef as such (video).