“Gravity” the insomnia-fighting blanket


This heavy blanket, first appeared in the ‘crowdfunding’ Kickstarter. In less than a month this product has already raised four million euros and twenty thousand interested buyers.

The product name is “Gravity” and this one is sold as a top blanket (since its cost is $ 279 each). And what is the difference between this blanket for the rest and what does it actually do? “It increases the levels of serotonin and melatonin, decreases the amount of cortisol, improves your mood and promotes a restful sleep. The ideal solution for stress, anxiety and insomnia, “you read on the page where the mattress is sold.

The question that remains is how the blanket will achieve all this being, after all, a simple blanket. The answer is quite simple, through your weight. This mattress is available in three versions being seven, nine and 11 kilos. Gravity’s own website cites two studies on the influence of bedding weight to combat anxiety. One of them is from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and it is said that similar products “for many years are used to prevent panic attacks in patients with autism”.

Already another study, this being the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, explains that 78% of the 30 participants who used the blanket said they felt a much lower anxiety.

It is not known whether or not it is true, if this product actually reduces anxiety, and ends insomnia. One thing we already know, has a huge sales success. When the product came about, it appeared through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and the initial objective was only to raise twenty thousand euros for the further development of the product. And so, less than a month later, already managed to raise much more precisely four million euros and twenty thousand interested buyers.