Google to use renewable energy in 2017


With a large park of data centers and offices scattered around the world, Google is one of the largest energy consumers on planet Earth. Assuming this position, it was to be expected that the issues of consumption and energy, as well as the way in which it is obtained, would be expensive.

If it was already a company that consumed a high level of renewable energy, Google has now made a commitment to become totally dependent on this type of energy by the year 2017 and to use 100% of renewable energy. This commitment will be to your data centers as well as to the offices.

Most people are aware of the amount of data that Internet users consume on Google services. All these high volumes of information require abnormally large processing capacity and logically this is also reflected in the energy needs.

Google already has its data centers ready to be efficient at various levels, consuming about 50% less energy than the industry standard. Still this is not enough for this company that now wants to become totally independent, and only consume renewable energy starting next year, so the plans of Google are, and taking into account that the company already buys 2.6 gigawatts of Energy from wind and solar energy production. That is why, the largest company on the planet to consume this type of energy, coming from renewable sources and that are not harmful to the planet.

If Google has already achieved a record number this year, with the purchase of 44% of the energy it consumes from renewable energy, it wants to grow even more and become a consumer of 100% green and clean energy.

This achievement, more than a simple measure of preservation of the planet, Google views this change as economically intelligent. Renewable energies are increasingly cheaper and are already an alternative to other, more polluting and aggressive sources for the planet.

Over the past 6 years, the cost of wind and solar energy has dropped by 60% and 80% respectively, proving that renewable energy is a viable and increasingly interesting source.

But because these chosen sources of energy, wind and solar, are not constantly being produced, Google explores other possibilities to guarantee its total autonomy.
It is a desire of Google that the use of renewable energy is broad and that can reach any citizen of the planet, thus contributing to a reduction of climate change and a cleaner and sustainable planet.