Giant asteroid right next to Earth


A giant asteroid passed very close to Earth this past Sunday night, January 8. This asteroid would have an approximate size of a building with about ten floors.

A giant asteroid, close to a ten-story building, passed very close to Earth this past Sunday, this celestial body was about 193,000 kilometers from Earth, a distance shorter than that separating our planet from the Moon, About 300 thousand kilometers. A distance that seems minimal, but in reality, is frighteningly close.

The “AG13”, the name of this celestial body, was observed by the Catalina Sky Survey, of the University of Arizona, in the United States of America, it had observed and recorded between 15 and 34 meters in length and moved to a Speed of about 16 kilometers per second. This asteroid traverses the orbits of Venus and Earth and “Moved very fast, very close to us”, reported astronomer Eric Feldman, who was quoted by the Daily Mail.

This phenomenon, from an asteroid passing so close to planet Earth, is not uncommon. Only during this month, an additional 38 “asteroid” approaches to our planet are expected, data reported under NASA’s “Near Earth Object” program. However, this phenomenon can still be a threat. In the year 2013, a meteor measuring 17 meters, reached the Chelyabinsk region of Russia, wounding even more than a thousand people.

More recently, the White House has unveiled an official document, the “National Near-Earth Object Preparation Strategy”, so that Americans will know how to deal with the threat of an asteroid being able to hit Earth at any time, given the fact that no one Is prepared for such an eventuality, and for which the options and forms of protection are almost non-existent. NASA also looks for ways to predict these unexpected threats from space.