Genius DIY enthusiast fixes his own teeth


A student from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, wanted to fix his teeth, but he had no money, so he decided to put his brain to use, and with the help of a 3D printer, and with the amazing material costs of 60$, and a lot of hours, he actually made it, and quite well!

While Amos Dudley used braces at middle school, he didn’t use them well enough, and his teeth didn’t achieve the desired look, and as he didn’t want to spend thousand’s in the common treatments, and since he had free access to high-quality 3D printers at his university, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Although the process wasn’t very easy, and he basically had to research about the orthodontic procedures and plot how his successive braces should work, he was able to create a perfect treatment out of a cheap plastic, and at the end, he achieved great results.

He read about a teeth alignment procedure known as clear-alignment treatment, and the molds had the look of something that was produced with a 3D printer, so he thought, if they can, why can’t I?

He started by making a mold with alginate powder, and was able to capture an amazing detail level, the mold had some bubbles, but that was irrelevant to the aligner.

He then put the mold inside of a yogurt container, and filed it with liquid Permastone, and after that, he broke off the top, and smooth out the surrounding area with a razor blade.

Bellow you can see the mold, with the teeth identified, and you can clearly see that LI-r (right lateral incisor), is quite out to the front.

He then laser scanned the mold with the NextEngine software, with which he was not very happy, but nonetheless he stated that the measures were very close the real ones.

Bellow you can see all the molds to the complete treatment, he said that is very important to label all the pieces, since they look all very identical.

Here is his smile before, and four months after.

We think this is quite amazing!