The food we eat changes our DNA


Recent studies have proven that, in fact, the nutrients contained in the foods we eat interact and alter the structure of human DNA.

That is, by eating in a balanced way, maintaining healthy habits, the genes change. This thesis was confirmed by scientists at McGill University in Canada.

Thus, it will certainly be possible to conclude that the DNA of the food we eat has the ability to interact with our DNA, both for good and for evil. According to experts responsible for the study, foods rich in fat, salt and excess sugar, can alter the DNA and cause a higher risk of certain diseases, such as cancer. Already a diet rich in vegetables prevents the mutations that cause the disease.

Thus, in the case of plants, the molecule of genetic material named microRNA, reduces the levels of proteins in the human body, interacts with our DNA, and increases the absorption of nutrients while preserving the structure of our genetic material.

Apparently, the studies are quite conclusive, they say that to perfect our genetic code, the ideal is to practice physical exercises and maintain a healthy diet.

How do genes interact with nutrients in the body?

All nutrients present in foods interact with human genes, according to nutrigenomics, with the DNA Diet, each person can have a personalized menu, capable of promoting weight loss and avoiding diseases.

The nutrients interact with the genes in order to inhibit or stimulate DNA changes. Thus, people with greater genetic predisposition to the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer, can prevent the development of these pathologies through diet.

Foods that alter DNA:
Soy – Reduces the risks of breast, ovarian and prostate tumors.

Vinegar and smoked foods – Increases the chances of developing esophageal and stomach cancer.

Broccoli – Protect the body against harmful and toxic agents.

Green leaves – Increase the production of red blood cells and reduce the risks of cancer.
Alcoholic beverages – Increase the risk of cancer of the pharynx, mouth and esophagus.