First shot of a python snake swallowing a hyena


It was a Dutch tourist who filmed a python snake swallowing a hyena, this is the first time it is observed and capture images of Africa’s largest snake swallowing prey of this size.

A team of researchers watched in Kenya at this time when an African python about four meters long swallowed a 68-kilogram hyena. In addition to being the first time a group of scientists has observed a snake of this species to devour a hyena, the video, captured by a tourist, saves that moment. The video was uploaded to YouTube and was later reported by National Geographic. It is therefore another testimony to the hunting abilities of the largest snake on the African continent.

The event took place at the Masai Mara Nature Reserve, Dutch web designer Jos Bakker realized that a python snake was swallowing prey, knowing it was a rare event, warned the guide of his holiday trip and Then began recording. It was this guide who, in turn, warned scientists at Fisi Camp, a zoological observatory funded by the University of Michigan. Kay Holekamp, a scientist who studies hyenas and their behavior since the 1980s, has rushed to the scene.

Still, Kay Holekamp and her teammates, Mike Kowalski and Olivia Spagnuolo, were skeptical of the terrain, “how could a python snake swallow such a large animal?” They said”. Great carnivores can certainly interact with big pythons. Your offspring are probably on the menu. But an adult lion, a leopard, or a hyena would probably push the python away very quickly”, the team told National Geographic. On the morning of the next day, on the first of March, they saw a huge python snake in a swamp, its body very swollen. They realized the animal had swallowed something very large. And so, they confirmed that it was indeed a hyena, as the tourist had described.

Given the typical behaviors of hyenas, these scientists believe that the python must have fought an “epic battle” to be able to defeat the animal. It appears that the mammal was a young male who wandered through the swamps but found death by crossing a hungry snake.