Fell in California, the last living sequoia with a tunnel


The famous “Pioneer Cabin Tree” crashed in California, United States, following the biggest storm in the last 10 years in that state. This was the only ancient sequoia with a tunnel in the trunk, which remained alive.

“Pioneer Cabin Tree,” was a giant American sequoia with more than a thousand years and a large tunnel in the trunk, fell after a strong storm that fell on California and Nevada (United States of America) during this past weekend. The tree was located in Calaveras Big Trees State Park, California, and was struck by large floods and landslides triggered by the storm, which was considered the largest during the last ten years. The images of the tree on the ground have already been shared on the Facebook page of the association “Big Tree Skulls”.

There are few sequoias traversed by a tunnel, but most are in the California forest parks. The most famous giant sequoia with these characteristics was called “Wawona Tree,” it was in Yosemite National Park and that tree also fell during a severe storm in the winter of 1969. It is estimated that it was about 2,100 years old (Note: the oldest sequoias are no more than 3,000 years old).

However, Wawona Tree and Pioneer Cabin Tree were special, these were the only sequoias with tunnels that still remained alive. All the others are standing, but dead, the rangers explained to NPR.

For many years, trees like these served as walkways for horses and even trucks, tunnels were created in the 19th century to promote parks and make them places with more tourist interest.

At the time when the maintenance of the trees became the responsibility of a private company, the only transportation that could cross the sequoias was the bicycles. Cars could, however, cross the tunnels of the large redwoods, much taller trees (which can reach 115 meters in height) and with a much larger trunk (having tens of meters of perimeter) than sequoias, which do not Usually exceed 76 meters in height.