Facebook Messenger: You can now unsend messages


Have you ever sent a message and in mere seconds reconsidered and thought you should not have done it, but there was nothing more you could do? Now, finally, it will be possible to cancel the sending of messages within 10 minutes of sending it.

Until now, it was possible to delete a sent message, but this action only erased the message from the mobile phone that sent it, merely serving for the user to not see that content but it did not allow to cancel the content sent.

The function only allows this to be done in the period already mentioned, and only if the recipient has not yet opened the message, this function is important, not only for situations in which we repent of what we had written, but also in other situations that we send an embarrassing picture, to the wrong person, and sometimes even to someone who could not be aware of it, and more importantly, when by mistake we send confidential information, to another person other than that intended to be aware of such information, being this function then extremely important for the protection of privacy.

As we all have gone through some or all of these situations, we cannot be happier with this news, which only fails by being so late, when other communications applications, such as Viber, had allowed it for years, either way is an important step forward, and you can immediately enjoy this functionality by going to the App Store / Play Store and updating the Facebook Messenger application to its latest version.