Facebook launched an application in China in secrecy


The reality is that China’s relations with the world’s major technology companies have been anything but peaceful since the control the government wants to impose forces many to be banned and unable to operate throughout China.

Yet with all these limitations, apparently, Facebook managed to launch an app secretly in China, in default of the government and the different authorities.

For many years, Facebook and its services have been banned in China, making it impossible for Internet users to access the largest social network on the Internet. All these locks extend to the different mobile applications that this network has.

However, according to the New York Times, the company has now managed to launch an application of its own, without any brand image or related to its services.

This is called “Colorful Balloons”, this new application is intended for image sharing between users and, from what can be seen, is a direct copy of the well-known “Moments” application of Facebook.

The only difference in this app is that, instead of using social networking to connect users, Colorful Balloons uses the WeChat network to make that connection.

One might even think that this would only be a clone of Facebook’s Moments, but there are several clues that it’s even an official app. The Facebook statements in this case are vague and can be interpreted as a confirmation.

“We have long said we are interested in China, and we have spent more time getting to know customs, interests and the country”.

There is also the fact that Mark Zuckerberg’s many visits to China show a growing interest in this country and where only a few can enter. If it is confirmed that Facebook has even been able to launch this app, it is most likely to be investigated and removed very soon.