Excessive hydration is worse than eating too much fat


People on a high carbohydrate diet are at higher health risk than those who consume higher levels of fat. Thus, reveals a study that involved more than 135 thousand people.

The research team, led by a university in Canada, has evaluated about 135,000 people in 18 countries on five continents, and the results were published this week in the Lancet.

In this study, the eating habits of people who were followed for an average of seven and a half years were questioned. One of the conclusions reached has shown that a diet rich in carbohydrates (more than 60% of the total energy consumed) is linked to a higher mortality, although this does not arise related to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Regarding dietary fats, there was no higher consumption associated with higher mortality or higher risk of heart attacks or death from cardiovascular diseases.

But, even if they are reputed to gain weight, carbohydrates should be part of any diet, even when the goal is to lose weight. If we opt for small amounts of food rich in complex carbohydrates, such as pasta, bread, rice and potatoes, we feel satiated more quickly, and this is because these foods are slowly absorbed by the body.

The researchers note that these results are consistent with more studies and clinical trials conducted in Western countries in the last two decades. According to lead author of the study, Mahshid Dehghan, a decrease in fat intake led to an increase in carbohydrate consumption.

For the researcher, the conclusions of this analysis may explain why certain populations that do not consume too much fat but that eat lots of hydrates have higher mortality rates.