Elon Musk has now revealed the full suit from SpaceX to NASA


The promised is due and the CEO of SpaceX had stated that there were more images to reveal of the facts created for NASA astronauts, designed by SpaceX. You can see the model next to a Crew Dragon.

Elon Musk once again used Instagram to publish a new image of the fact created by SpaceX for NASA, after a first disclosure in August of the helmet.

This is what could be the clothing that astronauts of the space agency will use in future manned missions, namely Mars, this time is shown in full, contrasting with the previous one, which featured only the top.

Also, differently, if before the “astromodel” appeared sitting at the window inside the Crew Dragon, it is now standing outside the capsule, showing it in its entirety.

In addition to the simplicity of, the image also gives an idea of the size of the capsule.

When Elon Musk showed the first image, he made a point of emphasizing that it was a real fact, not a prototype. The CEO of SpaceX also spoke of the “great difficulty” that was to combine the aesthetic part with the functions that type of suit presupposes.

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