Effects of global warming on humans


It will be the increase in the mean sea level, the greater number of heat waves and the greater spread of diseases, some of the consequences that we will suffer from global warming. The sleep of human beings will be affected, the sleeplessness joins the list.

Scientists have long wondered how global warming could affect human well-being, one of the responses to date has been given by a team at Harvard University who said that insomnia is the new Consequence of changes in temperatures caused by global warming.

The team at the Belfer Center for Science & International Affairs, led by Nick Obradovich, in an article published in the journal Science Advances, revealed that global warming will make people’s sleep difficult, making them more moody, Tired, among other things.

The results that helped to arrive at these conclusions were obtained through a comparison of responses on sleep and local temperatures obtained from a survey of 765,000 Americans between 2002 and 2011. In the answers, Obradovich found a correlation between temperatures Higher in particular cities and disturbed sleep. The researcher also warned of the increase in cognitive errors that people do when they sleep poorly.

“Students learn poorly when they do not sleep, and consistent lack of sleep harms people’s health. Sleep is so fundamental in all aspects of our lives that having the weather interrupting it for many days a month will bring a real cost that should be seriously considered”, added Obradovich.

From this climate change and drastic changes on the planet, those most affected will be those with economic difficulties, because, since they are less likely to have air conditioning or solutions that lower temperatures, this will not be an alternative to weather. In turn, the elderly will be more affected due to the fact that they are the most difficult age group to regulate body temperature.