Earth’s magnetic shield crack found


It’s pretty much common sense that Earth’s magnetic shield plays an important role in protecting the planet from bad things like solar winds and cosmic radiation, making it a habitable place, but while scientists were investigating one of the most powerful geomagnetic storms from the last times, have found out that our protective layer isn’t as safe as we previously thought.

While examining the data from the GRAPES-3 moun telescopy in Ooty, India, in specific the galactic cosmic rays from 22 June 2015, they noticed that 40 hours before the event, a giant cloud of plasma was ejected from the Sun’s corona (Sun’s outer atmosphere), and struck the magnetosphere at speeds of about 2.5 million kilometers per hour, which we already knew about because of the massive radio signal blackouts in many high latitude countries. Just now, the researches have gotten a full picture of the consequences of that event, and have detected that the magnetosphere had been temporarily cracked, which lead to the problems in the radio systems.

Although this was only a temporary crack in the magnetosphere, it has proven that the magnetosphere can be cracked, which is bad, but at least now, will be more alert during this events.