Discovered planet with temperature higher than most stars


It has been discovered a planet, outside the Solar System, which is twice the size of Jupiter and is warmer than most stars. This is located 650 light-years from Earth. It is also the hottest planet ever discovered.

It was an international team of astronomers, who detected a planet outside the solar system (exoplanet) warmer than most stars, however, colder than the Sun, the study was published in the journal Nature.

This “gaseous giant” named KELT-9b is about three times larger than Jupiter, less dense than the largest planet in the Solar System, and orbits the massive star KELT-9, located 650 light-years from Earth, belonging to Constellation of the Swan.

This exoplanet, has a daytime temperature that can reach 4,323.85ºC, being therefore hotter than most stars, already in relation to the Sun, is cooler, about 926.8ºC, something highlighted in a communication to the University of Vanderbilt, in the United States, who participated in the study.

The ultraviolet radiation emitted by the star is so great that the planet may be evaporating to the point of producing a bright gas-like tail of a comet. Since KELT-9b is extremely hot, on the side that is lit, it does not allow the formation of water molecules, carbon dioxide and methane, which are associated with life.

The reason the planet is so hot is due to the fact that the star KELT-9 is more than twice the size of the Sun and is almost as hot as it.

Given the proximity between the planet’s orbit and the star, KELT-9b may be “swallowed” by the star if it is expanding.

KELT-9b was discovered by the transit method, which detects a slight variation caused by a planet when it transits in front of its host star, with the aid of the KELT-North telescope of the Winer Observatory in Arizona, United States.