Ford is testing 3D printers on their assembly lines


The company Ford wants to start using three-dimensional printers to produce more specific components for their vehicles, this, with the main purpose of the parts would be lighter, cheaper to produce and yet, it would be possible to make the cars more Consumption.

They announced this Monday, they began to test the manufacture of auto parts with 3D printers. The objective is to understand to what extent it will be feasible to use these machines for the production of more specific components of the vehicles.

These tests for the brand are being conducted in partnership with Stratasys, a company specializing in the field of three-dimensional prints and in practice, Ford further explained that this technique could be used to make necessary parts in products manufactured in more limited quantities, such as For example conceptual cars, rear mounting parts or even in race vehicles.

The main expectation of the company is that the manufacturing processes necessary for the production of these parts can have low costs.

It further stated that with this technique, customers could eventually go on to make improvements and changes to their cars with unique parts. Thus, with the use of 3D printers, the parts would not need to be produced in the currently used molds, whose construction cost is high, instead, root pieces could be made without any exterior parts other than these printers.

The lightness of the pieces would also be a main point. Ford said that with this manufacturing process, they could be up to less than half the weight of their current versions, and therefore cars would also be more fuel-efficient because they would have less weight

These printers are still being tested at the Ford Innovation and Research Center in Dearborn, Michigan, but success can transform the way cars are built today.