A city of octopuses was found


A small town of octopuses has been found, nicknamed Octlantis, which brings light to the idea that indeed the octopuses are not the solitary and isolated creatures they were believed to be.

According to the group of biologists, there are about five octopuses living in community in the city, amid mounds of sand and shells, about 15 meters deep, and an area of 18 by 4 meters.

It is possible to observe the coexistence of the octopuses, and the communication between them, as well as the mutual aid between the members, for example, to expel other octopuses from coming to the “city”. According to the biologists of the Alaska Pacific University, the octopus behavior found in Octlantis is very similar to the behavior of vertebrate creatures inhabiting society, which reinforces the idea that, given the right circumstances, it is always possible to develop similar behavior, in the most diverse types of organisms.

The city is located in Jervis Bay, on the eastern coastline of Australia, and is close to another “city” of octopus found in 2009, nicknamed Octopolis. Although the discovery of these two cities is interesting, there is still doubt whether this is a common situation, or two isolated cases, and how these societies were created.

As a rule, our knowledge was that the octopuses interacted only during the breeding season, and then returned to their solitary life, but from these discoveries we learn that a more in-depth and more in-depth investigation is needed in order to better understand the reason for this interesting phenomenon.