China has inaugurated a panda-shaped solar panel


This initiative aims to capture attention to green energy alternatives and is only the first of different panels in the form of the famous animal.

The author was a Chinese company of solar energies, having constructed the first solar panel in the form of a panda. The 100-megawatt array of panels has a very simple purpose, capturing the interest and enthusiasm of younger generations for sustainable and renewable energy alternatives.

This project of the company Panda Green Energy, which also named the photovoltaic panel, is part of the Belt and Road initiative, an agreement that was signed between the Chinese Government and the United Nations in order to promote the country’s economic development. The project aims to capture the attention of schoolchildren in the vicinity of the city of Datong, where the panel is installed.

Construction began in November of last year 2016, and the panel was officially opened at the end of June this year, 2017. All images of the panel representation were shared on social networks.

The expectation is that in the next 25 years this panel will be able to produce 3.2 billion kWh of renewable energy, saving 1056 tons of coal equivalent to 2.74 million tons of carbon dioxide, Company’s statement.

According to the global report of the Renewable Energy Policy for the 21st Century (REN21), China is one of the most committed countries in renewable energy and has also been one of the largest leaders in renewable energy investment in the last eight years.

Last year, for example, solar energy production increased by about 35% in the country compared to 2015, the report said.

This is one of the first of several solar panels that are planned by the company. A similar construction was announced in May this year by Fiji’s prime minister.