Chernobyl may be getting a second chance as a giant solar farm


The Ukranian Government just announced a plan to turn the surroundings of Chernobyl into a giant solar energy farm, by installing a series of solar panels inside the incident zone. The plan, which is at the moment waiting for investors, would allow the country to use the abandoned radioactive land, and would also help the country to have a reliable source of reusable energy so that it doesn’t have to depend so much on Russia.

Chernobyl’s land is very cheap, plus it already has high-voltage transmission lines previously used for the nuclear stations. Despite de nuclear meltdown occurred 30 years ago, a large section of the 2600 square kilometers is still unsuitable for human settlement. So in an effort to use the wasted land, the government created this ambitious plan to construct those series of solar panels that would provide roughly 4 megawatts of energy upon completion. 1 Megawatt is enough to power 750 to 1000 homes, so these 4 megawatts, can be a big game changer to the Ukranian locals and to their future since they will be considered a greener country, because of the “clean energy”, and therefore closer to joining the European Union which is one of their goals.

Of course the construction of the solar panels in the exclusion zone is a big challenge by itself, since the radiation levels are very high there, it is very important to secure the safety of the workers even if they are outside of the abandoned city. And there’s also the wildlife, which is just starting to reflourish inside the exclusion zone and should by all means be preserved.

It will still take some time to know if the plan will go forward and be implemented, until such moment and if you are wondering how Chernobyl is today, check the video bellow.