Base on the Moon mounted by “robotic snakes”


A group of Norwegian researchers is considering the possibility of placing robots in the form of a snake in the service of exploration and space conquest, in this case, on the surface of the Moon.

As part of a European Space Agency (ESA) project, already launched in 2013, a team of scientists from the SINTEF center is investigating how serpentine robots can help astronauts in their daily tasks, such as Maintenance of the International Space Station (ISS), or simply help create the foundations for the installation of a scientific foundation, placed permanently on the Moon.

According to the site Gemini Research News, the cosmic radiations that plague the lunar surface, make it practically impossible to establish a base above the ground, as such, it is necessary to explore the subsoil of the natural satellite.

Scientists also believe that underground tunnels formed naturally on the Moon, representing traces of ancestral volcanic activity, may help build stations beneath the surface of the natural satellite, triggering the development of a kind of a “lunar village.”

However, for all this to be possible and remains a reliable hypothesis, natural tunnels in the basement of the Moon must be inspected to ensure their integrity and to ascertain whether they can harbor a scientific basis. It will be here that come into action, the “robotic snakes”.

On the other hand, ESA wants to put these mills in the service of comet studies. The goal is to obtain data about the Solar System and its formation.

However, the mechanisms that allow robots to remain trapped on the surface of comets are still being studied, considering that the gravitational force is reduced in these stars.

Also to remember that one of the most media missions of the agency to investigate these wandering celestial bodies, ended last September, with the “death” of the Rosetta spacecraft.