The Arctic Ocean is 20ºC warmer


We are already in December, and by this time of the year, the temperature at the North Pole should already be drawing a downward curve in the weather charts. However, this is not what is happening, in fact, the temperature in this zone is rising. What is the reason for this unusual situation?

The answer may be, for example, in a mass of hot air that is preventing the formation of ice in the Arctic Ocean. At a time by the date of the calendar, already should be recorded in this region, the lowest temperatures of the year. The heat that is felt is preventing the formation of ice sheets.

Numerically it is possible to verify that the Arctic is 20ºC warmer than normal at this time of year. But it is not only that, the extent of the ice sheet in the Arctic Ocean is also reaching historic lows and the waters are freezing much more slowly than assumed.

University of California researcher Zack Labe, has posted to his Twitter account a chart of the region’s temperature since the beginning of this year so far. In this image, it is possible to observe a red line that “goes in the wrong direction”, in an upward movement, that is, a few points below we can see a green line, which represents the expected temperature for this time of year.

As for Jennifer Francis of Rutgers University in New Jersey, “Arctic warming is the result of a combination of very low ice extent, at record levels at this time of year, which makes ice very Hot humid air coming from lower latitudes, “he told The Washington Post.

The opinion shared by more experts in this area, who argue that the current that carries large masses of hot air to the polar region has been increasing as the polar temperature itself also increases. And certainly, for everyone, the situation is worrying. For now, the problem can be attributed to this air mass.

Jack Labe, remains convinced that this increase represents an unusual pattern with unpredictable but never positive consequences.