Apple’s Founder bets on Elon Musk


Although not widely known, Apple’s founder Steve Wozniak was the genius behind the company’s first technologies, inventing the famed Macintosh, which drove the company to its worldwide success. Although Wozniak still holds a sizable amount of stock at Apple, he believes the next revolutionary technology will not come from “his” company, but from Elon Musk and his company, Tesla.

“I think Tesla is on the right track. They took risks in a number of ways,”, told Wozniak to Bloomberg Canada. “They started with a car, the Model S, which made engineering sense in terms of how much it would have to be built, at what price and what the market would be”.

It is known that Wozniak and Steve Jobs did not always get along while the second was alive, but it is not because of this that the first bet on Tesla as a pioneer in the area of Technology, it’s mainly because he sees in Tesla, a bit of what Apple was at the beginning, and also because Tesla had started with a product that was a personal bet of Elon Musk, similar to Apple once again.

Much of the success of the Model S is based in the fact that it was a project that was created based completely on Musk’s imagination, and of being at the time it was thought, something completely revolutionary, being one of the first electric cars designed from scratch to be a totally Electric, and engineered to mass production.

Musk’s latest project, the Boring tunnels, also deserves the admiration of Wozniak, and this is one of his favorite projects of the entrepreneur. This coupled with the lack of creativity that seems to have been installed in Apple in recent times, lead him to bet on Musk and his company, to create the next technological revolution.

We here, agree with Wozniak, and we think that Elon Musk is taking extremely important steps towards the future of humanity.