After 20 Years, Meet the Miraculous Asthma Pill


A new asthma pill has just completed its third phase of clinical trial, and taken twice a day, it reduced the inflammation by 80 percent in people with moderate to severe asthma. Just in the UK alone 5.4 million people suffer from the condition, so this are great news!

The drug, called Fevipiprant, was tested in a trial that involved 61 participants, split in two groups. While half of the patients took 225 mg of the drug twice a day for 12 weeks, the other half took a placebo. All the patients took the drugs along with existing asthma medications, instead of replacing them.

Of course, there’s still a long wat to go before the drug can be available on the market, if it gets there, somewhere between two and three years to be more precise.

The drug will now be put to another clinical trial involving 850 patients, and the results should be presented somewhere in 2018. Let’s just hope this drug continues to go through the trials, and arrive at the markets as quick as possible, or at least if it can help to more research in this important area.