20 coffins found in Luxor


Twenty intact wooden coffins were found in the Egyptian city of Luxor. This important discovery is already considered one of the most important in recent years in the field of archeology.

The coffins are decorated with colorful Egyptian inscriptions, and according to the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, they date from 1994 BC to 332 BC and were found in excavations in the Asasif Necropolis.

In the photos now published, it is possible to observe 20 coffins in the classic format, respecting the human face, and are full of hieroglyphics and paintings alluding to ancient Egypt, and although the experts have not yet disclosed what is inscribed in them, they promised to give next Saturday a conference in which they will address the topic.

According to the Egyptian Ministry, the coffins are sealed and in perfect condition, having been found on two levels superimposed on a tomb in Al-Assasif, on the west bank of the Nile River, West Thebes region, and according to experts, it seems that the coffins in question eventually belonged to nobles of the time, and these are some of the best preserved found in recent years, so this is a very interesting and important discovery.